What are the delivery charges?

We do not charge any shipping fee if the order amount is more than 100 USD. But, we incurs relatively higher shipping costs on low value items. In such cases, charging a nominal delivery charge ( the cost of delivery is 21 USD) helps us offset logistics costs. Please check your order summary to understand the delivery charges for individual products.


Why does the delivery date not correspond to the delivery timeline of X-Y business days?


It is possible that the we our courier partners have a holiday between the day your placed your order and the date of delivery, which is based on the timelines shown on the product page. In this case, we add a day to the estimated date. Some courier partners and Sellers do not work on Sundays and this is factored in to the delivery dates.

What is the estimated delivery time?

The list below shows usual/average delivery times. Please note that these are just estimates and it can sometimes take more or less time for your order to be delivered.

      - Canada: 7-10 days;

      - United States: 9-12 days;

      - Europe: 12-19 days;

      - Australia: 14-21 days;

      - Other countries: 16-21 days.

Estimated delivery time depends on the following factors:

      - Product's availability on the store

     - The destination to which you want the order shipped

Are there any hidden costs (sales tax) on items?

There are NO hidden charges when you make a purchase on our on-line store. List prices are final and all-inclusive. The price you see on the product page is exactly what you would pay.

     Delivery charges are not hidden charges.

Order cannot ship to my area. Why?

     Whether your location can be serviced or not depends on:

     - Whether the shipping companies deliver to your location

      - Legal restrictions, if any, in shipping particular products to your location

I need to return an item, how do I arrange for a pick-up?

Returns are easy. Contact Us to initiate a return. You will receive a call explaining the process, once you have initiated a return.

What do the different tags like "In Stock", "Not Available" mean?

'In Stock'

For items listed as "In Stock", Sellers will mention the delivery time based on your location (usually 7-10 business days, 9-12 business days or 12-19 business days in areas where standard courier service is available).

'Not Available'

We might not have the item in stock but can procure it when an order is placed for the item. The delivery time will depend on the estimated procurement time and the estimated shipping time to your location.

'Preorder' or 'Forthcoming'

Such items are expected to be released soon and can be pre-booked for you. The item will be shipped to you on the day of it's official release launch and will reach you in 16 to 21 business days. The Preorder duration varies from item to item. Once known, release time and date is mentioned.