Please note that we will not be able to accept goods for exchange or refund if:

     - The thing is damaged or broken, because it was used for other purposes or not ccording to the instructions. We will not be able to return the goods purchased from us to the service center if changes have been made to its scheme or design without agreement with the manufacturer.

     - The hardware broke down due to the use of non-original accessories, errors in connecting other gadgets or installing incorrect software.

   - Masters will find that the item is out of order due to exposure to liquid, steam, high or low temperatures, and there will be foreign objects, substances or insects inside.

    - It turns out that there were attempts to open the equipment, to erase or change the factory number.

    - Damage caused by emergencies - earthquakes, terrorist attacks, wars and other force majeure (sincerely hope that no one will have to deal with this item).

If for any reasons, you are not satisfied with the received the goods bought in or it don’t suit you, we are ready to take the order back and return money paid for it. We also refund cost of delivery.


      - Item(s) must be returned within 21 days from receiving the product

      - Vendibility and want-satisfying qualities are saved

      - Goods of appropriate quality with no defects

      - Proof of purchase (letter with ORDER ID)

      - Refund includes shipping costs

      - Important Note: Customer is responsible for shipping charges on returned items, but if all conditions of the return policy are met, we will give 100% shipping discount on next purchase, i.e. delivery of the next order will be at our expense  

 In case of observance of the above-stated conditions, the following procedure is provided:

      - The purchase price will be refunded to the card client used to make the purchase

      - Money is refunded back on the card within 14 business days ( the current period depends on the your bank )

      - For making new order you need to use your credit card again

      - Customer receives new order with new ORDER ID


The order is considered canceled in the following cases:

      - Refusal from receiving the order by the client

      - Absence of the customer in stipulated time and in given address together with unavailable contact phone number

To cancel the order just contact us using the phone number: +1-833-927-3157 or e-mail: [email protected]

In case of cancellation of the order the amount of purchase returns on the card which was used for making the order.

*We will be glad to assist in selection of shipping company and way of delivery. Also we will advise You the correct filling of the consignment note. To minimize expenses involved in reshipping of the product we will notify You about the nearest warehouse of our partners.